Learn to Fly lands on Android and Mobile

News Ben Griffin 12:07, 8 Jul 2010

Popular Flash game Learn to Fly from Namco now available across Java, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry platforms

Namco’s Learn to Fly has made the leap from Flash gaming on the internet to J2ME, Brew, Windows Mobile, RIM and Android devices.

Learn to Fly has so far been enjoyed by over five million players, making it a bit of a sensation, and this popularity looks only to continue to rise on a more mobile set of platforms.

What is all the fuss about, I hear you ask?

Playing as a penguin who will not accept being one of the few grounded bird species, players must use five different types of slope and ramp to stay airborne for as long as possible.

Each attempt is judged on four aspects - maximum speed, highest altitude, distance travelled and flight time. Defy gravity enough in each area consistently, and you can purchase upgrades like jet-packs and gliders.

It all sounds one bird short of a flock, but that is likely part of the games charm and allure.

Senior Director of Production and Deployment, Rob Schoeppe, said, “We were excited to bring this addictive penguin-loving phenomenon to an even larger demographic.

“Once players insert themselves as the penguin, it becomes extremely difficult to put the game down.”

Learn to Fly can be downloaded from each platform’s respective store.

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