5 year old designs Angry Birds level

News Ben Griffin 12:44, 30 Jun 2010

Ethan, aged five, had a level of his design added into the latest update of Angry Birds

Five year-old Ethan from Texas has designed a level of hit game Angry Birds.

The young designer sent his work to Rovio Mobile and has been implemented in the latest Angry Birds update.

Matthew Wilson, Marketing Manager at Rovio said, “We received an email from 5 year old Ethan in April, and he told us (via his Mom) how he loves Angry Birds, and that he frequently draws pictures of new levels that he would like to see in the game.”

“In the email, Ethan sent us one of the drawings of the levels that he wanted to see in the game and a description of all the objects in the level and the birds that the level should be played with.”

Though the picture is not out of the ordinary, the level of thought put in really is.

The level from the latest 15 includes a TNT box, a wiggly wall birds can bounce off, diamonds and a trophy.

Even the birds players use is the work of young Ethan, which is quite remarkable considering his age.

“After receiving Ethan’s level I sent it over to our Game Designer to check it out. From there he decided to try and make the level for a future update of Angry Birds.


“As you can see from the image, we kept almost all of Ethan’s suggestion other then moving the wiggly wall to the other side of the structure. We also added his name up in the sky of the level.”


Ethan must be one of the youngest level designers in existence, and if he keeps up this trajectory, he could be rivalling the likes of design greats Yuji Naka and Shigeru Miyamoto before he can drive.

Angry Birds, complete with the latest update is, is available now for 59p.

Source: Gamezebo

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