Mass Effect Infiltrator review [Android]

Reviews Damien McFerran 14:36, 24 May 2012

BioWare’s epic sci-fi franchise touches down on Android after a period of iOS exclusivity, but has the wait been worthwhile?

While the controls leave a bit to be desired and the graphical performance depends largely on your phone’s internal hardware, Mass Effect Infiltrator is a fine 3D action title for your Android device. Fans of the console installments will find much to like here

BioWare’s Mass Effect series is one of the biggest names in video gaming right now, with the recently-released third instalment selling millions worldwide and gaining rave reviews.

Just as it did with the mobile edition of Dead Space, EA has created a totally unique chapter in the Mass Effect lineage with this mobile-based offering, a side-story which is set in the same universe as the home console games but features its own plot and characters.

Mass Effect Infiltrator puts you in the space boots of a gruff-voiced marine by the name of Randall Ezno. A member of Cerberus - a pro-humanity organization with a particularly shady background - Ezno learns of his employers nefarious activities and decides he wants no more of it. He eventually turns rogue and starts to take down the group from within.

He’s no Commander Shepard, but Enzo has all the usual talents and skills. He’s rather handy with a wide range of weaponry, which is handy when much of Mass Effect Infiltrator's gameplay involves leaping from cover to cover and popping the heads of enemy soldiers with your arsenal.

Pretty much any object that is above knee height can be hidden behind, and springing out from your shelter is a simple matter of tapping the enemy you wish to engage. Firing is automatic; your only concern is fine-tuning your aim. Ammo is also infinite, but your guns overheat after a certain period of time, and require a cool-down period.

The game gives you style points, which can be redeemed inbetween missions for upgrades to your abilities and equipment, and you earn more of these points for chaining together several kills in succession. Therefore, managing your weapon temperature and cooling times becomes a real challenge, as you can switch between firearms in the middle of a combination kill.


Reviewed On Galaxy Nexus
Typical Price Approx £4.40
Platform Android
Version 1.0.30
Developer EA Mobile
Category Arcade & Action
Publisher EA Mobile

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