Three for Free: IQ Tests

Features Spanner Spencer 15:52, 21 Feb 2012

Losing at a platform game or a shooter is tolerable, as it only speaks of your lack of ability with that particular title. But it’s hard not to take it personally when you lose at an IQ test, so here are three free iPhone brain trainers to keep your mind agile.

It's a matter of some semantics as to whether or not an IQ test is considered a game. But Dr. Kawashima managed to instil a lot of fun into the brain training genre, turning maths, observation and memory tasks into an entertaining way for everyone - adults and kids alike - to learn.

Since then the IQ test has taken on a more relaxed, amusing vibe than the previous school exam brush they were painted with. And there are no shortage of them on the App Store, so the opportunity to flex your brain muscles while enjoying your coffee break has never been so convenient.

For now we've decided these are more games than apps, as even if you resist learning, they're more fun than the dreadful Sudoku puzzles that are more like punishment than pleasure.

Before you go, here's an ultra-short brain teaser we heard on Paul Daniel's show some 25-years hence. Answer these two questions quickly, and out loud:

What does F - O - L - K spell?

What's the white of an egg?

Did you get both questions right? Probably not the first time, we're guessing!

The IQ Test : Free Edition
Despite our insistence that IQ tests can reasonably be classified as games, this particular one is filed under Entertainment on the App Store, but the difference is much the same.

Structured more like a traditional test, this game/app puts your brain under the microscope using a host of different cognitive categories. The benefit of this system isn't that it offers a broader view of your overall intelligence upon completion of the test, but highlights the areas of cerebral excellence and failure demonstrated during the quiz.

A great range of visualisation, pattern recognition, comprehension and analogical tests are included, and you can easily monitor your progress as you practice.

A+ IQ Test Box 7in1
There are other types of cognitive skill tests that can be used to quantify your personality and abilities, apparently, and A+ IQ includes seven different systems to do just this.

A fairly standard IQ test is still bundled into the package, and pits you against the usual range of visualisation and analogical experiments that you'd expect to find in an app like this. But it differentiates itself by throwing in emotional intelligence, autism quotient, psychological age, health and character tests as well.

These unusual quizzes go beyond the cerebral in an effort to engage other aspects of your brain functions, such as gauging your empathetic abilities through moral questions, and setting a time limit on the challenges to push your mental agility to its limit.

The app itself could do with a bit of a localisation overhaul, rather ironically, but the concept is solid and quite entertaining - especially when you discover that you're emotionally unbalanced!

Idiot Test Lite
Approaching the intelligence test from the opposite direction is no bad thing. Most of us, even if we do quite well in a standard IQ test, are going to be marginally disappointed with the results when they don't casually inform us that we're undiscovered geniuses. But finding out that you're not quite the idiot you thought you were, or are regularly accused of being, is a little more uplifting.

And despite its jovial lilt, firing through the Idiot Test Lite's bizarre and often tricksey questions at a rate of knots is a surprising challenge. The answers might actually be quite obvious, but blurting them out as fast as possible and avoiding the clever little cerebral booby traps permeating the quiz can be an entertaining minefield to tap dance through.

Of course, scoring badly in an idiot test is far worse for your ego than scoring badly in an IQ test, so tread lightly all the same.

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