Let’s Golf 2 review [Windows Phone]

Reviews John Gaarde 09:05, 23 Dec 2011

We review Let’s Golf 2, an arcade golf game from Gameloft

Let's Golf 2 still offers up an attractive proposition for any Windows Phone gamer

It's been a surprisingly long wait to see Gameloft's Let's Golf 2 pop up on Windows Phone. Normally the title  you find pre-installed on phones, it's one of the French publisher's best-loved series for its accessibility and bright, colourful graphics.

If you've played the title before on iPhone (or Android, or on the 3DS)  then there's nothing here that will make you want to stump up the cash once more, but for newcomers looking for a slick and polished package, you can't go too far wrong with this golfing title.

What Let's Golf 2 isn't, though, is a serious take on Scotland's favourite export. While there are aspects such as wind speed and club types (not to mention different lays of the green), the cartoony visuals and ‘special moves' for each of the golfers will rankle those looking for a proper simulation of a good walk spoiled.

Clubs are automatically picked for you (although you have the option of changing should you require a little extra power) while the two-tap hitting system - once to pick the power, another to determine the accuracy - works well on the touchscreen.

There's a whole host of different game types to get involved in, too, from a quick random three-hole match on one of the six unlockable courses, to full-blown strokeplay against the AI. What isn't present for this Windows Phone version is any form of multiplayer - not even on one device - which is fairly disappointing given that other versions do have such a mode.

Let's Golf 2 still packs in a lengthy Career mode to play through, though, with an addictive levelling system adding long-term value to the game and unlockable golfers, each with their own abilities and stats.

There are some odd quirks that pop up while playing, like the inability to select the putter if you're a fraction off the fringe, but these aren't enough to diminish the general enjoyment of sinking an Eagle.

Outside of the Career mode (complete with hidden medals to aim for on each of the holes) there's also a diverting Challenge mode that should pose strong competition for those that have already blasted their way through the main game, as well as a whole gamut of customisation options for decking out your favourite character in.

Let's Golf 2 may be a little old now in the wider mobile world - indeed, the sequel has been out on iPhone for half a year now - but it still offers up an attractive proposition for any Windows Phone gamer.


Reviewed On HTC 7 Mozart
Typical Price £3.99
Platform Windows Phone
Developer Gameloft
Category Sports
Publisher Gameloft

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