All My Enemies review

Reviews Damien McFerran 15:31, 21 Mar 2011

We review All My Enemies, a heart-felt love letter to the coin-op blasters of old

Despite its occasionally awkward controls, All My Enemies is a successful tribute to the arcade blasters of yesteryear, and is the ideal score attack game

When it comes to instant gratification, few genres can match the scrolling arcade shoot ‘em up. From Space Invaders onwards, this massively popular lineage of games has thrilled and entertained countless millions, but with the onset of 3D visuals it has fallen into something of an enforced slumber. Thankfully there’s a multitude of handheld homages available to keep the memory alive, and All My Enemies is one such title.

As you may well expect, the game involves piloting a deadly space fighter and blowing the seven shades out of a seemingly endless flood of enemy vessels. You can power-up your craft by collecting various items dropped by vanquished foes, including shields, additional smart bombs and even drones, which attach themselves to the side of your ship to augment its firepower.

Shoot ‘em ups have always been about racking up as high a score as possible, and All My Enemies is no exception. You accrue points for every successfully downed ship, but you can gain even more by collecting the gold bars that are dropped by your destroyed rivals. All Your Enemies boasts support for the Score Loop online leaderboard service, so you can upload and compare your best attempts with other players.

This type of game is very reliant on tight, responsive controls and it goes without saying that the average touch-screen phone can’t hope to offer the same precise interface as a coin-op cabinet. To overcome this issue, the developer of All My Enemies has enabled automatic fire so your ship is constantly shooting. This removes the need to tap a fire button endlessly through the course of the game.


Reviewed On Google Nexus S
Typical Price £1.25 (lite version available)
Platform Android
Version 1.8.1
Developer Drowning Zebra
Category Shooter
Publisher Drowning Zebra

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