Infinity Blade released December 9 on iPad and iPhone

News Ben Griffin 10:39, 30 Nov 2010

Infinity Blade aka Project Sword will be available on December 9 for iPad and iPhone and will cost £3.99

Remember a certain Game Center demonstration involving Project Sword? If so, keep reading.

Infinity Blade, as it's now known, is coming to iPad and iPhone on December 9 and will set you back £3.99, according to Pocket Gamer.

Infinity Blade is an action role-playing game that boasts some of the finest visuals on the iPhone thus far. Unlike typical RPGs, instead of pressing 'Attack' you swipe with your finger to mimic a sword swipe. A variety of different attacks can be deployed with different angled sweeping touches.

Although the visuals impressed, it was the ability to beat-up your friend over Game Center, virtually of course, that had us salivating. Head-to-head multiplayer with the ability to play as the massive beasts in David and Goliath fashion could be pretty special if balanced right.

If your gaming horizon extends over to the land of consoles, in particular the Xbox 360, you will probably want to know Infinity Blade is the work of the guys behind the fantastic Shadow Complex, helping contribute to the hype around the game.

It's not all smiles, though. Chair Entertainment has recently stated only third generation devices and above will run the universal application (everyone downloads the same version regardless of device). So if you own a third or fourth generation iPod Touch, the iPhone 4 or 3GS or the iPad you are okay.

Roll on December 9.

Infinity Blade screenshot gallery.

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