Skullcandy Lowrider headphones review

Reviews Julius Belcher 14:14, 8 Mar 2011

We review the Skullcandy Lowrider hadphones, a pair of folding cans that become quite compact for stowing

Portable, Lightweight and comfortable, Good quality sounds for the price
Ridiculous graphics betray otherwise good design, Bass can be heavy, Lack of full-ear coverage
A good value set of earphones but sometimes the sound leaks

The Lowrider headphones are Skullcandy's attempt at being all things to all people.

They follow the current trend, which has seen the commuter and wannabe DJ plump for the can-style headset, but in a more practical way than most.

Indeed, the Lowriders fold up into a neatly stowable package which, at a push, could fit in to a coat pocket – depending on how accommodating your coat pockets are, that is.

Despite their foldable portability, Skullcandy has also tried to market the Lowrider as a competent set of headphones and, although they should feel equally at home on a DJ as on the college student playing Professor Green too loud next to you on the train, the somewhat dodgy graphics and colour choices (our review set were black with rather dubious gothic graphics although multi-coloured horrors are available) lean heavily towards the latter.

The Lowriders have a 40mm driver (speaker to the layperson), which provides good quality sound, as loud as you're ever likely to need. That said, at times we found them to be a little bass heavy.

They also come with a 5mm jack, meaning they'll fit any MP3 player/iPod. They also sport their own carry case, which is good for keeping them in one piece when thrown into your bag.

The hinged headband assists with storage and makes the headphones easy to put on, however we would be concerned about longevity of the parts in long-term use.

Despite being a can-style headphone, due to their deliberate compact size they suffer from one final flaw - they do not cover the listener’s entire ear and therefore don't do the best job of keeping sound in or out.

Annoying if you’re trying to listen to audio/video on a packed plan, and just as annoying for fellow commuters if you’re into drum and bass or heavy rock.

All in all a good set of headphones for the average user with their compact size and portability. However, the base is too heavy and the colours and looks too flamboyant for anyone over the age of eighteen.

Overall, these headphones offer good value and reasonable sound quality. Unfortunately, if you’re a DJ they’re not up to scratch and if you’re a commuter the person next to you might laugh at the design on the side of the cans.


Typical Price £40
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