How To Take A Screenshot On Your iPhone Or iPad

User guides James Peckham 13:51, 10 Jun 2014

Screenshot whatever you want on your iOS device with these easy steps

Taking a screengrab of your iPhone or iPad’s display is simple – simple and rather useful. Here at KYM we use screengrabs all the time in reviews and news pieces. Outside the office having the ability to take screenshots is useful for quickly saving information for later use or for sharing with friends. Here’s how it’s done – please note: the method is the same for iPad and iPhone. 

How To Screenshot

Once you’ve decided what you want to screenshot you need to hold down the power/unlock button at the top of your iPhone or iPad and then press the main Apple Home button at the same time. The display will flash as if it has taken a photo and it’ll disappear for a time.

You’ve now taken your first screenshot!

Where To Find Your Screenshot

Screenshots all appear in your Photos application. You’ll find them helpfully filed under screenshots and it’ll be titled with the time and date. If you link it up to iTunes and head into your Photos app you’ll find all of the screenshots you’ve taken.

Now It’s Time To Share

If it’s easier you can share them via email, social networks or even just print directly from the Photos app. You can do this by selecting the shot inside the Photos app and pressing on the button in the bottom left corner. It looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing up.

Your options include Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr. You can also head into a slideshow mode, assign the photo to a contact or even use it as the wallpaper on your iOS device. 

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