Make Chrome For Android A LOT Faster

User guides 16:59, 16 May 2014

Here’s a neat little trick that’ll make your Chrome browser run as smooth as silk, regardless of how many tabs you have open

Motorola Razr i now supports Google’s Chrome browser

News 11:13, 27 Sep 2012

After much delay, the Motorola Razr i will now run Google’s Chrome browser. Support for Mozilla’s Firefox, however, is still lacking

Google’s Chrome browser updated for iPhone 5

News 16:04, 25 Sep 2012

Google’s Chrome browser is now fully optimised for use aboard the iPhone 5

How To Make Chrome Your iPhone's Default Browser

iOS alternative browser roundup

Features 16:28, 18 Jul 2012

As more and more third-party web browsers appear on the App Store, Safari is looking a little dated, so here’s a roundup of the best ways to surf on an Apple touchscreen

How To Make Chrome Your iPhone's Default Browser

How to make Chrome your iPhone’s default browser

Features 17:25, 5 Jul 2012

Google’s new iOS version of Chrome makes Safari look like Internet Explorer, so here’s how to set it as your default mobile web browser

chrome vs safari

Google Chrome for iOS vs Safari: an in-depth speed and

Features 16:33, 3 Jul 2012

We look at how the new Chrome for iOS compares to Apple's Safari and what new features Chrome has

Google I/O 2012 Keynote Day One: The Aftermath

Features 16:23, 28 Jun 2012

We take a retrospective look at what Google gave us, and what they held back

What we might see unveiled at Google I/O 2012

Features 13:27, 27 Jun 2012

We take a look at some things we’d like to see unveiled, detailed, or further explained at Google’s I/O 2012 event that’s set to take place later today

Dolphin Logo

Dolphin releases beta browser for Android

News 18:48, 20 Jun 2012

Dolphin has released Dolphin Engine beta, a browser it says is faster than Chrome Beta

Yahoo launches iOS browser known as Axis

News 10:40, 24 May 2012

Do you use Yahoo mail? Nope, neither do we. But perhaps you’ll like its newly released iOS browser, Axis?

Windows 8

Mozilla and Google call Microsoft out over Windows 8

News 18:04, 10 May 2012

Mozilla is not best pleased about Windows 8 RT only supporting Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser


Google Chrome hits Android 4.0 phones via Google Play store

News 11:58, 18 Apr 2012

Google has launched Chrome on Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Chrome Beta review [Android]

Reviews 23:16, 8 Mar 2012

Is Chrome the ultimate Android web browser, or should it have stayed on the desktop? We go hands-on with the beta to find out

Ubuntu for Android will make Chrome OS irrelevant

News 17:49, 22 Feb 2012

Ubuntu for Android will make Google’s Chrome OS irrelevant. Don’t believe us? Watch this video

Can Android Jelly Bean, Google’s Chrome and Windows 8 ever

Features 11:21, 17 Feb 2012

How do Google’s Chrome OS, Windows 8 and Android 5.0 Jelly Bean fit together? We investigate


Google releases mobile version of its Chrome browser

News 12:40, 8 Feb 2012

The Chrome browser is now available in beta form for those with Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Angry Birds

Angry Birds on Chrome gets 25 new levels plus

News 12:06, 5 Dec 2011

We were hoping for a new mobile game or update, but 25 new levels of Angry Birds via the Chrome browser will have to do

Mozilla’s Boot 2 Gecko (B2G) mobile platform landing Q2

News 15:45, 7 Nov 2011

Will Mozilla’s long-awaited mobile platform, Boot 2 Gecko, finally make an appearance in 2012?

Motorola’s Droid Bionic will carry on Atrix’s WebTop

News 10:38, 30 Aug 2011

Motorola’s Droid Bionic handset looks poised to continue the Atrix’s WebTop tradition — and maybe even improve it

Why Google+ can become much more than just another social

User guides 23:35, 26 Jul 2011

We’ve got Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, so does Google+ really stand a chance? We investigate where the Big G’s plans for its latest service might lead