BlackBerry 10 users revolt against Netflix

News Richard Goodwin 11:09, 23 May 2013

BlackBerry 10 users get angry at lack of Netflix support, start cancelling their subscriptions en masse

Like Spotify, Netflix has no immediate plans to launch a BlackBerry 10 application but rather than just accepting this and getting on with their lives, some BlackBerry users have instead decided to start something of an online rebellion against the VOD service.

The movement, which involves disgruntled BB10 users canceling their Netflix subscriptions, started inside CrackBerry’s forums following recent comments made by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Hastings admitted that he had not yet used a BlackBerry 10 device and also confirmed that there were no plans in place to bring Netflix to the platform anytime soon.

‘If Netflix won't support BlackBerry, as a BlackBerry user it's also your choice to not support Netflix. Cancel all your accounts,’ reads the call to arms inside CrackBerry’s forum.

So how’s the rebellion doing so far? CrackBerry user Xamdam kicked things off yesterday at 7:43am with the following statement:

Attention All Netflix Blackberry Users: Boycott Netflix, Cancel All Subscriptions, Home and Mobile

That's right all and when asked why are you cancelling, make damn sure you tell them cause Netflix will not be on Blackberry Devices. 


I cancelled 3 Netflix Accounts and a 2 More will be cancelled at my parents place and a 1 more at my brothers place. 

This is BS and the CEO or whatever Hastings is a DAMN *****. 

24 hours later the thread is now 24 pages long and features almost 600 posts. And people seem to be taking note too with many already claiming they’ve cancelled their subscription.

Will Netflix take notice? Probably not – but that’s hardly the point. If you’re running a subscription-based business like Spotify or Netflix you need to support everything – even new platforms – so as to ensure your premium members always get what they’re paying for.

Netflix claims its services are best suited to large form handsets and because BlackBerry only has one ‘big’ handset, the Z10, there isn’t all that much demand for such an application. And that sort of makes sense. 

But when you factor in that both devices have HDMI-out and BlackBerry has sold around a million Z10 handsets so far, the argument starts to look patchy. Even more so when you consider the ease with which Android apps can be ported to BlackBerry 10. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Come on, Netflix and Spotify! Get your arses in gear!

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I have been considering to subscribe to Netflix, but now I will NOT. They will be losing individuals who are considering to be subscribers.

Obviously the execs at NetFlix are behind the times.

Netflix Execs are making a huge mistake... remember Netflix, .. Amazon prime is out there

Amazon prime works fine on my z10, go straight to the site and double click the video when it starts. Works flawlessly. I already canceled Netflix b/c of that (not in rebellion but I don't have a gs3 any longer)

Vote with your wallet.
The netflix execs should/will take notice as their monthly revenues begin dropping due to their lack of market intelligence. If enough people take action, they will either have to build an app, or take in less bonus this year.

Vote with your wallet.
The squeaky wheel usually gets the grease, hopefully Blackberry users have made enough noise to get their attention...?

Rubbish! If BB wants a NFLX app they should pay and have one built.

It isn't BB that is demanding it. It's the BB users. If Netflix simply says "No", that's the end of the discussion. It's their product and they own the rights to it. Copyright laws don't allow someone like BB to just "pay to have one built".

I figured something like this should be common sense, but I guess not...

the iphone only has 1 handset, and its smaller than the z10, no logic there

FYI to BB haters out there. Here is a proof of concept!! There is a 3rd party company (Non-BB owned) which created an Android port for the Netflix app and it seems to work perfectly. The login is a tad sliggish, but scrolling through the videos and playing movies/TV shows was perfect.

Test it for yourself at

Lol this isn't going to gain much footing. I laugh at all you thinking this will force netflix to consider. 1. there isn't much bb10 users out there to really help gain any weight to the cause. 2. Majority of netflix subscription come from tablets and consoles. 3. BB10 users aren't that into tech (hence why they still use bb) so less than 25% of them will hear about this

I cancelled my account with Netflix. I could care less about spotify, I own my music.
btw, Netflix should realize, that ALL BB users have jobs, high paying jobs and own companies. Now say the same about Apple and Android users? mostly Mommy and Daddy pay for their stuff and it will end when they kick them out of the house.

I had Netflix on my more money from moi. #canceled
PS : what's a spotify? LoL

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