BlackBerry Q5 vs Sony Xperia SP

Vs Paul Briden 14:34, 5 Jul 2013

Points to consider: Practical use

A key factor here is whether you’re more fond of the conventional larger-screened, touch-only form factor of the Xperia SP or the traditional BlackBerry fixed Qwerty keyboard style with a smaller display. Both give you touch-based smartphone functionality, of course, and both have extremely sharp, colourful and bright screens which will make your interaction highly rewarding.

Arguably though, Sony’s Xperia SP is a better choice if your smartphone use centres around multimedia consumption as you can happily watch full-length films or play flashy games all day long. It’s difficult to imagine doing the same with any degree of satisfaction on the BlackBerry Q5’s smaller screen real-estate though.

Other functions such as web-browsing and messaging serve equally well on both screen types and each phone will allow for long periods of use owing to their generous battery packs.

I’d argue the Xperia SP is also a better option in terms of visual design and the feel of the device in the hand and it also becomes a superior choice if you want decent imaging capabilities. The display and camera are the Xperia SP’s two standout features and it really excels in these categories, particularly for a £300 phone.

While messaging and browsing do work well on the Xperia SP, I think the BlackBerry Q5 comes out on top if this is a focus of your smartphone use. The combination of the keyboard and multitasking, together with BlackBerry Hub’s messaging and social networking aggregation makes for a very rewarding communications device overall. It’s also helpful that the web browser and messaging components have been optimised for the display and text reproduction is particularly good here.


In short, if you mainly want a smartphone to exercise masterful control of your social life and communications the BlackBerry Q5 comes out on top, but if you’re all about gaming, films and other multimedia consumption on the move and you like having a really nice camera you’re going to be happier with the Xperia SP.

Both devices do hold their own though with regard to the functionality their opposites excel at – you’ll have no problem messaging and networking via the Xperia SP and the BlackBerry Q5 can be used to watch a TV show happily in a pinch.

For around £300-£350 both these handsets offer a lot of high quality capabilities and are good all-rounders, but they each have their specialist areas where they really shine.

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