Investors fall in love with RIM all over again ahead of BB10 launch

News Richard Goodwin 07:57, 15 Jan 2013

RIM’s share value rose by as much as 11 per cent on Monday, adding further weight to the assertions that BlackBerry is about to make a big comeback…


Stock in RIM rose by as much as 11 per cent on Monday, indicating renewed investor confidence in the company’s plans for getting its smartphone business back on track in 2013.

RIM will launch BlackBerry 10 on January 30 and new hardware is expected to arrive before the close of Q1 2013. This week saw the gorgeous BlackBerry Z10 leak online again, revealing the extent of RIM’s evolution over the past 12 months.  

But it’s not just the hardware that looks good. BlackBerry 10 has received the official thumbs up for networks across the globe, indicating that RIM’s new platform could well usurp Microsoft’s Windows Phone in 2013. 

The stock also got a boost from media reports on Monday that Aircel and Vodafone Group are gearing up to market the new BlackBerry in India, reports Reuters

It added: ‘RIM has long counted India for strong growth, especially as its current lineup has lost ground in North America and Europe.’

RIM is reportedly looking to release six BlackBerry 10-powered devices in 2013, with the first two launching before the close of Q1. Latest intelligence suggests RIM’s first BB10 handsets will arrive in late-February, early-March. 

KYM will, of course, be reporting live from the global launch of BB10 on January 30. 


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