BlackBerry X10 and Z10 images leak

News Tony Crammond 07:57, 27 Dec 2012

Two more new BB 10 devices have appeared on camera

RIM’s recent charm offensive has been marginally successful in generating interest in the company’s impending new devices, and the upcoming BB 10 OS, and things have taken another positive turn for the ailing OEM, after images detailing its incoming X10 and Z10 smartphones leaked and began generating buzz on the Web.

The X10 (far left) looks to be cut from the same cloth as every other BlackBerry, with a well-spaced hardware QWERTY and  black bevelled display with front-facing camera and rumours point to the device and the fabled Dev Alpha C being one and the same, with the phone reportedly being aimed at entry level users.

The other device which caught our eye was the Z10 (centre). The first and most interesting thing about this device is that it could well be the consumer version of the L-Series device which has been doing the rounds recently, and also rumours abound that the touch-only smartphone will be the first BB 10 device to launch in Q1 of 2013.

One thing’s for sure no matter which way RIM slices it – 2013 is  going to be the company’s make or break year, but will it be sink or swim for Waterloo’s finest? Do these devices look like the sort of thing you’ve been crying out for?

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