BlackBerry reveals 10 Dev Alpha developer handset

News Ben Griffin 15:37, 1 May 2012

The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha handset is a glimpse of what might be around the corner

RIM has revealed a developer-focused handset known as the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha.

Though it won't be released - at least, not in this exact form, the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha shows a glimpse of the future for the Canadian company.

As the name suggests, the device, which was handed out to attendees of the BlackBerry World event in Florida, comes equipped with the latest operating system from the firm.

It also looks like the PlayBook tablet and it even has the same resolution, 1280x768 pixels. Of course, the display is much smaller at 4.3-inches.

Then there's a micro HDMI port for outputting the phone's display on an HD-capable screen, Bluetooth, a micro-SIM slot and near-field communication (NFC) technology for touch payments and Android Beam-type functionality.

It's worth pointing out that RIM has said the software is no where near final. In fact, it's basically the PlayBook operating system with what RIM told The Verge are BlackBerry 10 'hooks and calls' that will be a part of it.

The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha is designed for developers to test the platform and to encourage app development, so don't pop down to Phones 4u to reserve yours.

Of course, this design could pave the way for future devices, which will have to be good to pull RIM out of its nosedive. New CEO Thorstein Heins really does have his work cut out.

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