‘BlackBerry’ beats ‘iPhone 4S’ in online UK search

News Tim Webb 16:28, 13 Apr 2012

UK punters searched more for ‘BlackBerry’ than ‘iPhone 4S’ online in February, claims new study

The term ‘BlackBerry’ beat ‘iPhone 4S’ in UK searches during February 2012, claims a new report from Greenlight.

There were 13 million searches made in total online during February for consumer electronic goods in the UK. Of these 13 million searches Amazon’s Kindle was the most popular search query, followed by ‘BlackBerry,’ then Apple’s ‘iPhone 4S’ in third.

‘Kindle’ was the most queried consumer electronics term, attracting 823,000 searches. Blackberry followed with 673,000.

Searches pertaining to phones & mobile accessories were also popular, claims the report, accounting for a 26 per cent share. There were also 450,000 searches for the term ‘iPhone 5’ despite the handset not yet being officially announced.

All told this isn’t all that surprising. RIM’s BlackBerry brand, despite its almost continual upsets, is still alive and well in the hearts and minds of UK consumers.

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