Samsung considers buying RIM assets

News 11:32, 18 Jan 2012

RIM is allegedly trying to sell up and has its eyes on Samsung as a buyer

Samsung is apparently musing over whether or not to buy up elements of RIM.

According to BGR's anonymous sources RIM is pushing to license its software out but is also considering a sale of either company divisions or the whole shebang.

BGR says a ‘trusted source with knowledge of the situation' claims Samsung is RIM's current favourite.

BGR reports: ‘We have heard that Jim Balsillie is actively meeting with almost every company that might be interested in either a part or all of RIM, in addition to having talks about licensing. ‘Jim is going hard after Samsung,' said a source with knowledge of the negotiations. One of the reasons no deal has been struck, however, is that RIM's co-CEOs are asking for way too much.'

RIM is allegedly asking for between $10 billion and $15 billion, which is at odds with the company's current market valuation of around $8.5 billion. Some analysts think even this lower figure is still a bit steep.

However, it has since been revealed by an official Samsung spokesperson that the Taiwanese manufacturer is not prepared to buy the Canadian company wholesale.

This doesn't rule out the acquisition of certain key sectors of RIM's enterprise, however, as nothing has been said either way.


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