Is Vodafone about to buy RIM?

News Richard Goodwin 10:15, 6 Oct 2011

Is Vodafone about to buy RIM? News is mounting online that it is, but could a UK network turn around the fortunes of an ailing Canadian manufacturer?

Is Vodafone about to acquire BlackBerry-maker RIM? Sounds bizarre, we know, but that’s the latest bit of rumour circulating around the web this morning.

The news comes via BGR, which reports that ‘shares of Research In Motion stock are popping for the second day in a row on rumours that the company may be looking for a buyer.’

It added: ‘RIM’s stock was up as much as 14 per cent on Wednesday morning as mysteriously sourced rumours suggested U.K. carrier Vodafone is considering an acquisition.’

Current market reports suggest that RIM is running out of cash fast – the company spent upwards of 50 per cent of its $2.9 billion cash reserve in Q2 alone. This has lead to a general consensus that RIM is faltering and the current management cannot right the course.

RIM’s last real hope of turning things around is the introduction of QNX onto its smartphones. These next-generation handsets are said to be the most powerful, up-to-date and well-designed handsets that RIM has ever produced.

Having said that, RIM’s current track record isn’t good – the company has always seemed one or two steps behind everyone else in the market. This failure to develop and adapt will not be helped by the growth of Windows Phone either, which will no doubt eat into RIM’s already diminishing market share next year.

We’ve contacted Vodafone for comment on the validity of BGR’s claims, but we’ve had no response as yet. To be honest, we’re not expecting any real clarification either. Big corporate entities never comment on speculation, especially when it’s this big.

More news as we get it.

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