Dell Streak 10 to rival the BlackBerry Playbook

News Clare Hopping 11:26, 7 Jan 2011

Dell's Streak 10 tablet will be launched to rival the BlackBerry Playbook

The Dell Streak 10 has officially been announced and it'll apparently rival the BlackBerry Playbook.

The 10-inch tablet was swiftly outed at CES, shortly after the Dell Streak 7 was released by Michael Tatelman, vice president and general manger of North American consumer sales for Dell.

The tablet will be aimed at small businesses.

Steve Felice, president of Dell's Consumer, Small and Medium Business said, "The key thing is we're focused on the whole ecosystem.

"You hear a lot about the iPad in commercial environments, but if you talk to the CIO or the person responsible for technology in a small business, their view is that it's a pretty big challenge because they have an environment that has all the other OSes.

"We want to make sure that the front end links up with the back end."

Roll on the business tablet competition!

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