Apple App Store now has 1+ million apps

News James Peckham 17:12, 9 Dec 2013

Apple's App Store is the biggest of its kind, boasting over 1 million applications and games

There are now 1 million apps inside Apple's US App Store, according to new research. 

Appsfire supplied the figures, confirming there are around 1,006,557 apps and games available inside Apple's store. Out of the apps, 413,000 were available on the iPad or were universal. 

Apple has approved 1.4m apps since July 2008.

Apple hit 50 billion app downloads in June this year. At that point there were only 900,000 applications available, meaning in the past six months alone Apple has added over 100,000 to the store. Apple's store has now grown to 60 billion app downloads and continues to snowball.

Apple has beaten the Play Store which has 881,000 apps at the moment but has approved 1.17 million since its inception. 

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