Netflix review [Windows Phone]

Reviews Ben Griffin 14:51, 12 Jun 2012

We review Netflix on Windows Phone to find out whether watching films and TV shows on the go is the future

If you use Netflix and own a Windows Phone, there's no reason not to download the free app

Television as we know it is changing, partly because of changing habits, but mainly because of how accessible it has become. Whether on a phone, PC or tablet, you can glue your eyes to a show or film within a matter of seconds, providing you have a data connection.

Netflix represents one of the new breeds. It's a television service that was shipped over from the US in recent months, bringing with it a paid-for service that grants you access to television shows, films and documentaries for £5.99 a month. It's similar to LoveFilm, only you aren't sent discs physically on top of all the digital content.

You can watch as much as you like because there's no downloading involved. The downside is you need a relatively good Internet connection but it does mean you don't have to store large files on your Windows Phone.

Watching Arrested Development, 24 and Equilibrium, it's apparent the quality has been lowered to accommodate the mobile screen and mobile data, which means you can say goodbye to high-definition quality. You can definitely see the grain and reflections do occur more often on a smartphone but the image is still good enough for you to forgive and forget.

Sound quality seems a lot better, but the very nature of one speaker or headphones means surround sound is off the cards. Again, it's going to upset film fanatics who need to watch movies as they were intended, but we certainly found what you get to be more than enough for a phone.

Netflix on Xbox 360 links perfectly with the app, which means we could easily continue watching something on one service having already been watching it on another. Your most recent show, complete with where you got to, is saved, which makes life simple. If you want to watch something else, there's a complete list of all your recent programs and you can't miss the button.


Platform Windows Phone
Cost Free
Developer Netflix Inc

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