Dragon Go review [Android]

Reviews Damien McFerran 13:24, 17 Jan 2012

Android has seen a flood of Siri imitators since the launch of the iPhone 4S - could Dragon Go be the one to rule them all?

Dragon Go may be mute when compared to the talkative Siri, but it’s actually a lot more useful on a daily basis

Although any dedicated Android fan will tell you voice control was nothing especially new when Apple announced Siri for the iPhone 4S, there’s no denying the release of that particular handset has sparked a massive amount of interest in the idea.

In typical Apple fashion, the company from Cupertino has taken an existing concept and created what is arguably the most popular voice-control application on any smartphone, despite the fact that in terms of accuracy, it actually lags behind Android’s built-in on voice service.

Its fame and popularity are evidenced by the fact that copycat apps are springing up all over the place - especially on the Android Market, where hordes of consumers suffering from serious iPhone envy await the platform’s own Siri-beater.

We’ve already seen Iris and Vlingo take up the challenge, and both have proved to be very impressive, if not quite as polished as Siri. Now it’s the turn of Nuance’s Dragon Go, a voice search app, which claims to be smarter than the competition.

Nuance is a name that may ring a few bells; the company produced the popular Dragon Dictation iOS application, and has also added its voice typing tech to the ‘swipe-to-type’ Android keyboard replacement Swype. However, the most interesting thing about this company is that it's rumoured to behind some of the underlying code that powers Siri - a fact which has made many Android users sit up and take notice.

Dragon Go is much slicker than its rivals on Android, offering an attractive interface and intuitive commands. It’s able to recognise what kind of things you’re asking for, and effortlessly outclasses Vlingo when it comes to accuracy. For example, it knows when you’re asking a question about eating out and will open up relevant restaurant reviews to suit.

What makes Dragon Go even more usable is that it provides a whole host of results for your questions, rather than just giving you one choice. For example, search for your nearest Pizza Hut and you’ll not only get Google search results but also directions, a list of telephone numbers for local Pizza Hut branches and even a link to a page of Pizza Hut videos on YouTube.


Platform Android
Cost Free
Version 1.0
Developer Nuance
Website http://www.nuancemobilelife.com/

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