Tape Recorder review

Reviews John Gaarde 16:59, 21 Jul 2011

We review Tape Recorder, a sound recording app from Senstic for Windows Phone 7

Not quite the retro enthusiasts dream app, but Tape Recorder is still worth a look

Have a hankering for a time when a compact disc was the stuff of a madman’s dreams, where getting your music caught in the player was a regular occurrence, and when everyone pirated music with abandon? Well, ok, that last one still occurs today, but you get our drift.

Tape Recorder attempts to put a soothing shell on sound recording for Windows Phone users who not just remember the 80s, but actively miss it. Instead of a clean, concise, and a cold front, instead the recorder looks, sounds (sort of, we’ll get to that in a sec), and reacts just like an old tape deck would.

So this means skipping to the start of the recording is out, and the slow drudge of waiting for the thing to rewind is firmly back it. Disappointingly, this retro styling doesn’t extend to recording operations, which in real life would have been performed by pressing the record and play button simultaneously, but in tape recorder just relies on hitting ‘record’ on its own.

One thing that is rather neat about Tape Recorder though is how it stores the files on your phone. Rather than take the obvious route and pop all the recordings in a standard Windows Phone menu, Tape Recorder files them as if they were a pile of blank cassettes - code numbers on the spine aplenty.

It’s a shame the font looks typed, as a hand-written style would have worked far more effectively here in conveying the look, but overall it’s a clever way of presenting your saved files.

Those wanting more than just a semi-authentic look to their sound recording, however, will be disappointed to know Tape Recorder doesn’t come with any effects or adjustments to how the normal recording function actually operates.

The sensitivity seems to be lower than normal, too, although this could just be the placebo effect of seeing an old recording machine in front of our eyes.

In terms of appeal, Tape Recorder has enough of the retro look and button sounds to summon a tear of nostalgia from children of the early 80s, while still retaining enough functionality to make for a decent sound recorder in its own right.

It may lack certain features that would have made it the retro-enthusiasts dream, but Tape Recorder still worth a look.


Platform Windows Phone 7
Cost £0.79
Version 1.0
Developer Senstic
Website http://www.senstic.com/

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