FunDroid review

Reviews John Gaarde 15:24, 27 May 2011

We review FunDroid, a pretend Android OS app from Polipone for Windows Phone 7

Although amusing for a few seconds, FunDroid is not 79p best spent

So your friends ignored your advice and followed the crowd by purchasing an Android handset - how can you remind them Windows Phone 7 was the right choice?

You could try and out-feature them, although that rarely ever results in a successful argument for Windows Phone 7 users. There’s the option of dismissing the UI as being ‘old hat’, but for some reason people seem to get extremely angry when we make fun of their expensive electronics that they’ve agreed to be locked into for years to come.

Alternatively, you could try loading up FunDroid and watch as they look in confusion about how a ‘closed’ system could be instantly made to resemble their favourite mass-market open-source software.

Naturally, FunDroid isn’t actually a proper version of the Android OS, which means you don’t have to do any naughty re-coding with your phone’s firmware to get it to work (thankfully) or that you’ll pick up a virus from the Market. Instead it’s a working re-skin that turns your phone into, what looks like, a Samsung Android handset like the Galaxy S.

It’s a little more than just a screen capture, although arguably not by much. Every one of the homescreen icons can be pressed and caressed as with a normal Android phone, so hitting GMail takes you straight to your email accounts in true Google fashion.

That sounds better on paper than it is in real-life, however, as the app doesn’t go further with the Android impression after this initial page, instead, flipping into the normal Windows Phone view for the respective sections. Although it does allow for pressing the back button to move back to the ‘home screen’.

Only the Calendar ‘app’ goes any further than the initial page, but it’s obviously a fake placeholder that will only fool casual glances. Even more galling is the fact the ‘Contacts’ app is misspelled, which - for a display that may well be a captured image - is just sloppy work.

FunDroid works in the sense that it’s quite amusing to watch tech-savvy friends become momentarily confused, their eyes darting from your display to the handset model, desperately trying to work out something to say that won’t sound like sour grapes.

But if you do buy it, it won’t take long to feel that ultimately the joke is on you.


Platform Windows Phone 7
Cost £0.79
Version 2.0
Developer Polipone

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