SyncPad for iPad review

Reviews Oliver Jones 10:52, 9 Dec 2010

We review SyncPad for iPad — a whiteboard application with a twist. But is it worth £6.99. We take a look


There are any number of pretty good whiteboard and corkboard apps for the iPad, not least the venerable Corkculous. And most of them have some way of sharing your work, whether it's via email or over your Wi-Fi network. None though, have the ability to share in real-time what you're doing – not until SyncPad, that is.

Syncpad, which launched this week, is a really clever app that on the face of it works pretty similarly to any other whiteboard app on the iPad – but you can share what you're seeing over the internet. And it's not just iPad to iPad, the whiteboard you're working on is viewable in any desktop browser and mobile safari.

As you work on the whiteboard, adding pictures and your scribbles, all the people viewing it will see it happening in real-time and will be able to add to it too.

The fully-fledged app is £6.99 which comes with all the bells and whistles, but should you just want to view what someone is working on there is a free viewing app for iPads, which is a nice touch.

The UI is pretty seamless with some thoughtfully implemented tactile features. The feature-set of the app isn't too shabby either. Once you've finished working on a board you can email it out etc., but what we're slightly less satisfied with is the quality of the working surface itself.

It's relatively inflexible compared to other whiteboard apps. The area you're working on, for example, is a fixed size. You can't span around or zoom in and out as you can on apps such as Corkculous.

The editing options are also quite thin on the ground, you've got a pen and a rubber, that's it, no shapes, no text imput, no post-its or stickers or even bleeding smilies for pity's sake.

However, it is important we remember this is just 1.0 of SyncPad and we're sure these features will be added in due course.

What we currently have now is a platform that thousands of iPad users have been waiting for. Designers of all sorts will be able to show clients what they've been working on and work together on it in real-time, hook your computer up to a project and all of a sudden your SyncPad even becomes an activeboard.

It doesn't feel finished, but by gosh it feels exciting – also, it's great for a game of noughts and crosses too.


Platform iPad
Cost £6.99
Version 1.0
Developer Thirtynine LLC
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