How to use the iPhone 4's 5-megapixel camera

User guides 16:50, 21 Jun 2010

We show you how to use the iPhone 4's 5-megapixel camera

The iPhone 4 features a 5-megapixel camera with extra features such as touch to focus and zoom.

We show you how to use these features in our tutorial

How to use tap to focus
Although the iPhone's 5-megapixel camera features autofocus, you can also decide what to focus on using tap to focus.

Tap the iPhone's screen to find your focal point, such as a person in the background rather than the foreground.

A green box will appear to confirm that point has ben selected as the focus point.

This method also automatically adjusts exposure and white balance.

How to use zoom
The iPhone 4's camera features a 5x digital zoom. To zoom into a shot, press the volume up and down keys to zoom in or out of a picture.

How to use the flash
Although the iPhone 4 features an illumination sensor to automatically sense if there's enough light to take a photo or not, you can also manually switch it on by tapping on the flash icon that appears in the bottom left of the iPhone 4's screen in landscape mode, or top left in portrait mode.

How to use the secondary camera
The 5-megapixel camera is set as the default camera, but you can switch to the VGA camera on the front by tapping the camera switch icon.

This is situated in the top left if you're in landscape mode, or top right in portrait mode.

How to switch to video mode
Along the bottom bar of the iPhone's camera screen, you'll see a slider to switch to video mode.

Simply swipe across to activate it.

How to share photos
You can share photos direct from the camera app on the iPhone 4.

Once you've taken a photo, tap the share icon and you're given the option of emailing a photo, sending it by MMS, sending to MobileMe, Assign to a contact or use as a wallpaper.

Tap on one of these options and your photo will be sent to a friend or a service along with where the photo was taken.


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