iPhone Light and iPhone 5S release date pegged for September 18?

News Clare Hopping 09:10, 26 Jul 2013

Both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone Light will launch on September 18 according to an industry expert

A reliable source has revealed Apple will launch the iPhone Light and iPhone 5S on September 18.

Micah Singleton of CE: The Magazine – who outed the iPad 3's specs ahead of launch – reckons Apple will update the iPhone 5 in a selection of colours and will launch it as the iPhone Light – AKA the budget iPhone. Apple will also announce a new higher-end device, thought to be the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

The new budget device will be made from plastic rather than aluminium as with the iPhone 5, but will otherwise retain the same form factor. Constructing a device from plastic not only reduces production costs but also makes it easier to introduce a wide range of colours, the report suggests.

Singleton said, 'The world’s biggest technology company has another trick up its sleeve. Making a slight shift from its one iPhone per year schedule, Apple will unveil two iPhones this year. According to our source, along with its customary brand new iPhone, Apple will refresh the iPhone 5, adding a colorful touch. The refreshed iPhone 5 and the new iPhone will be announced at a September 18 event, a date previously reported by CE: The Magazine.'

Making the device from plastic will also supposedly make it easier to integrate the internal parts into the device. It's expected the iPhone Light will cost around $300 (£195) SIM free – or, if using Apple's awful pricing system, nearer to the £300 mark or $99 (£65) upfront on a 24-month contract in the US. In the UK it could be be offered as free-on-contract on tariffs from £30 a month and above.

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