Leaked iPhone 5S and alleged iPhone 6 parts emerge online

News Paul Briden 16:21, 28 Jan 2013

Photos have leaked online allegedly showing speaker parts for Apple's next-gen iPhones - the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

Photos have appeared online showing what are claimed to be component parts of Apple’s next-generation iPhone device or devices, labelled as the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6.

The report comes via Nowhereelse.fr, which BGR cites as a source which has ‘published images of genuine parts from unreleased Apple devices in the past.’

The leak reportedly shows internal speaker mounts for two separate iPhone models, alongside a superimposed iPhone 5 speaker mount.

Although the names iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 are used the site specifies that they are simply placeholder names and there is no insider knowledge about what Apple’s next iPhone products will be called.

It also states that the photos were found ‘while browsing the web,’ which does throw the legitimacy into question as they can’t be accurately attributed to a source close to Apple. It's feasible that these may have been unused prototypes for a previous iPhone model.

Rumours persist that Apple is working on more than one iPhone for 2013 but the nature of the company’s additional models remains the subject of diverse speculation.

Some claim an additional model will be a budget-level version made from plastic, while others suggest we’ll see iPhones in a range of sizes up to 4.8-inches.

Of course, some predictions believe it will be a combination, so we could see a large-scale budget iPhone before the year is out, though to be frank we think that’s quite unlikely.

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