iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner pictured

News Clare Hopping 09:02, 19 Aug 2013

The iPhone 5S's fingerprint scanner has been revealed in component pictures, showing it's on the home button as suspected

A set of iPhone 5S internals pictures have appeared online, showing off its fingerprint scanner.

The pictures, leaked on French site NowhereElse show what the iPhone 5S looks like inside and it's a little different to the iPhone 5 by all accounts.

At the bottom of the device, there's a metal spacer cushion with a new cut out that could be designed for a fingerprint scanner mounted on the homescreen button.

We've previously reported that if the iPhone 5S were to include a fingerprint scanner, it's likely it would be made from sapphire to prevent it getting scratched.

The pictures also show a different camera cut out at the top of the device too, suggesting the rumoured dual flash could become a reality.

NowhereElse says, 'These differences obviously echoes a rumor that the iPhone 5S will be equipped with a more powerful digital camera and a dual LED flash unlike the iPhone 5, which, I remind you, for its part equipped with a single flash.'

Steve, at NowhereElse goes on to say, 'Finally, and as I had already demonstrated earlier this month, it will be noted in passing that the attachment points of the separator back button to the home of this framework are slightly offset, like those of the separator supposedly designed for iPhone 5S that I recently discovered. I say more about it except that the format of this particular spare part could possibly be related to the integration of a fingerprint reader, but this is obviously a guess.'

Whether the iPhone 5S will feature a fingerprint scanner or not, we may not have to wait too long - the iPhone 5S is said to be launching alongside the iPhone Light (iPhone 5C), iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 at an event on September 10.

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