iPhone 4S SIM cards will not work inside iPhone 5

News Richard Goodwin 11:12, 13 Sep 2012

The iPhone 5 will use Apple’s new nano-SIM card, meaning existing iPhone 4S micro-SIM cards are now obsolete

The iPhone 5 will use Apple’s new nano-SIM standerd, rendering existent iPhone 4S micro-SIM cards utterly useless.

Apple launched the iPhone 5 last night alongside iOS 6 at an event in San Francisco, introducing a host of design and hardware improvements. The new iPhone is thinner, lighter and longer than the iPhone 4S and also features a new A6 processor and support for global LTE networks.

As usual, Apple did neglect to mention many things about the iPhone 5, creating a sense of mystery around certain aspects of the device.

Little is known about the A6 chipset, for instance, although some reports have claimed it’s based on ARM A15 architecture, and Apple did not mention what type of SIM card it would use.

However reports this morning have confirmed that the new iPhone 5 will use Apple’s next-generation standard of SIM – the nano-SIM. That means if you’re thinking of upgrading from the iPhone 4S you’ll need to get a new SIM card as well.

Why Apple forgot to mention this aspect of the iPhone 5 is unknown. No doubt we’ll be hearing more about this as the iPhone 5’s release date – that’s September 21, by the way – approaches.


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