iPhone 5 new USB cable leaks

News Paul Briden 09:42, 23 Aug 2012

Pictures have emerged of a USB cable for the iPhone 5's new charging port

It’s been fairly well-established that the iPhone 5 will feature a new design for its charging port and now a new leak shows us the USB cable which will slot into it.

The picture was tweeted by a Chinese accessory shop and it’s not entirely clear whether this is Apple’s official USB cable which will come with the handset or a third party equivalent.

The new port uses a smaller and more compact design than previous models, instead of the old 30 pin connector it’s now an eight pin design (officially nine, if you count the surround as a pin).

The switchover has caused a bit of controversy since it was revealed in earlier leaks.

It means Apple users with existing iPhone accessories, such as expensive speaker docks and media centres, can’t use the iPhone 5 with their current kit. For the same reasons, it’s also a bit of a kick in the teeth for accessory manufacturers who are going to find themselves with redundant stock and the need to develop alternative designs for the new connector.

It’s possible that manufacturers will develop an adaptor to keep designs based on the old connector usable, or an official one could come for Apple itself.

Of course, rightly or wrongly, Apple will still pull it off because people will still buy the phone, buy new accessories and simply adapt to the updated port, the iPhone is just that popular. And, the only sensible move for accessory manufacturers is to keep in stride if they want to keep making money. It’s a little audacious, sure, but then again this is Apple we’re talking about.

The iPhone 5 is expected to launch on September 12 and may be accompanied by the much-rumoured 7-inch iPad Mini.

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