Mango-flavoured iPhone 5 arrives in China

News Ben Griffin 11:18, 18 Apr 2012

Why wait for the iPhone 5 when you can head to China to enjoy one in Mango-flavoured ice cream form?

The iPhone 5 has been sighted in China, and we can report it's looking incredibly tasty.

The icy treat, which is available to buy in China and is shaped like the Apple logo, oddly doesn't come in Apple flavour - after all, that would just be silly, wouldn't it?

Nope, this ice cream manufacturer has decided to try annoy Microsoft as well because it's actually 'mango flavoured' - perhaps a reference to the latest version of its Windows Phone operating system. Or perhaps mango is a popular flavour in China. We're not sure.

Okay, so it might not be a mobile phone, but the iPhone 5 ice cream would be one hell of a juicy target for corporate lawyers - if Apple could do anything about it.

Because Apple didn't trademark the iPhone 5 across a variety of industries, it's fair game, which means we may yet see iPhone 5 stairlifts or miniature iPad top hats in the near future.

Adding yet more salt to the wound, the packaging bears the iPhone 5 trademark in English and pictures of icons for all to enjoy, including an image of Rovio's Angry Birds.

Unfortunately we've not been able to get our hands on the iPhone 5 ice cream - apparently a trip to China for the sole purpose of eating is 'impractical' - but we can imagine it will go down a treat.

Especially at Apple.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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