iPhone 5 will go on sale in June, says Foxconn recruiter

News Ben Griffin 11:11, 3 Apr 2012

A recruiter for Foxconn is saying the iPhone 5 is expected to go on sale in June 2012

Component manufacturer Foxconn is allegedly in the process of hiring around 18,000 people for production of the iPhone 5.

According to a conversation recorded and aired by TV Tokyo on April 2, a Foxconn recruiter said the chip manufacturer needs to hire more staff in preparation of the new iPhone's launch 'because it seems [the iPhone 5] will go on sale in June', CNET reported.

Although the translation from Chinese to Japanese and then English means it might not be word perfect, it certainly isn't the first time a finger has been pointed at a summer launch for what has been dubbed the iPhone 5.

Current rumours indicate the iPhone 5, which may end up being called the new iPhone if Apple's latest naming convention of the iPad is adopted, suggest it will have a larger display - likely around the 4 to 4.6-inch mark - as well as a glass/ceramic chassis and an even better display.

Many critics, including us, always saw the iPhone 4S as a stop-gap so the level of excitement towards Apple's next creation is practically at fever pitch. Here's hoping it looks as good as the image above.

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