iPhone 5 to feature a 4.6-inch display?

News Ben Griffin 10:59, 22 Mar 2012

Reports suggest the next iPhone will include a sizeable 4.6-inch display

More reports have surfaced suggesting Apple will be opting for a larger display on its next iPhone.

South Korean newspaper Maeli has stated it will feature a 4.6-inch screen with improved Retina Display technology, Reuters reported, likely bringing the already impressive 326 pixels per inch (ppi) figure up even further.

The newspaper also said the new iPhone will land in Q2 of 2012 and Apple has placed an order for the larger display with suppliers. It's not yet clear which companies will pick up the task.

Oddly, the Reuters report says Samsung is the manufacturer most likely to construct the display because it used a 4.6-inch display in the Samsung Galaxy S2, which actually isn't correct. However, considering Samsung's manufacturing might, the idea of it producing the displays has to be entertained.

We're still not convinced, though. Considering 4.3-inches has been adopted as the display sweet-spot, it seems odd Apple would make such a jump up from iPhone 4S. We know a lot of consumers found the incredibly thin Samsung Galaxy S2 and its 4.3-inch display a tad unwieldy.

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