Exclusive: iPhone 5 UK release date leaked by O2

News Richard Goodwin 17:35, 12 Sep 2011

Apple’s iPhone 5 will be getting a UK release date at O2 on October 21, Know Your Mobile can reveal

We’ve just learned that Apple’s iPhone 5 will be getting a UK release date on October 21.

That’s right, we’ve just been contacted by one of our tipsters who spoke with customer services at O2. The customer service representative told our tipster that the iPhone 5 would be getting release on October 21.

We’ve heard plenty of predictions re: the iPhone 5’s release date. But this is the first time we’ve heard something concrete from inside a UK-based network.

We’ve long suspected an October release for Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone device, but it’s nice to finally get some specifics.

At present, no one is 100 per cent sure on the sort of spec the iPhone 5 will feature. But we’d expect to see a dual core processor, most likely the same as the one in the iPad 2, a larger display (possibly 4-inches), 1GB of RAM and an 8-megapixel camera and 1080p video recording capabilities.

The O2 representative didn’t divulge any additional specifications or news, but confirmed that the release for the iPhone 5, at least at O2 anyway, would be October 21.

So there you have it: the iPhone 5 will be available from O2 on October 21.  


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Not exactly concrete is it!The beta iOS has an expiry for the end of September, the GM is "Purported" to begin start of October. Just another BS rumour to add to the toilet-roll-long list of other BS rumours so far. Another site covering this story at Ubergizmo http://www.ubergizmo.com/2011/... think its a bit far fetched. I say first week of October, so therefore it must be right.

I'm sorry but I actually work for O2 Customer Services & we have had NOTHING confirmed by Apple about a release date. All this other adviser was probably going on was the continued speculation over a date. Which again we have not had confirmed or even if there is actually going to be an iPhone 5. It's sites like this that make mine & other advisers like me jobs harder as we have people just simply calling us for this info, stopping people who actually need help with their phones been able to get through.

What a bunch of fools KYM. You of all people should know that little old Dave at customer services wasnt best mates with Jobbs. I myself work for o2 and know that nothing is official till apple say so. So your concrete information leaked from o2 was nothing more than a mere headline grabbing tosh. Know Your Mobile, better luck next time

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