iPhone 5 UK release date revealed as November 21

News Clare Hopping 17:25, 16 May 2011

The iPhone 5 will be available to buy in the UK on November 21, following a September announcement

A Phones4U representative has leaked the iPhone 5's release date as November 21.

Breaking Apple's tradition of announcing the iPhone update in June with a release date of later in the summer, the company has put back the launch date of the next version.

The leak was attributed to a member of staff in the Phones4U St Albans store.

We reported the iPhone 5 may in fact be the iPhone 4S earlier today, as a number of sources have revealed the next iPhone will only be a small update.

However, there's still a chance the iPhone 4S with only minor updates (including a tweaked OS) will be launched in June at WWDC, while the larger update, known as the iPhone 5 will be released in November.

Apple has said the keynote at WWDC will include news on the next version of iOS, suggesting we're in for something big.

One reason the iPhone 5 may not be launched until later in the year is because Apple is experiencing software issues.

An analyst explained, ‘Apple follows product cycles driven more by software, rather than hardware,' suggesting the hardware was not to blame for the hold up.

According to T3, the iPhone 5 will be announced in September and is expected to cost the same as the iPhone 4.

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