White iPhone 4 pricing and release date?

News Richard Goodwin 17:40, 29 Sep 2010

The long-awaited white version of the iPhone 4 is apparently on the way — but is anyone really that bothered?

Remember Steve Jobs’ promise of the white iPhone 4 by July? Well, apparently it’s finally on its way – at least in the States, anyway – and the good news is that it’s looking like it’ll be the same price as the standard black iPhone 4.

News of the white iPhone 4 potential imminent release was broken by The App Whisperer – it found a Walmart sticker offering the 16GB white iPhone 4 for the same price as the black one on a two year contract.

So, looks like Apple is readying for a release in Q4 2010.

Nevertheless, we’ve been in touch with Apple’s press office and are awaiting information regarding the illusive white iPhone 4 and its UK release date.


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