White iPhone 4 pricing and release date?

News Richard Goodwin 17:40, 29 Sep 2010

The long-awaited white version of the iPhone 4 is apparently on the way — but is anyone really that bothered?

Remember Steve Jobs’ promise of the white iPhone 4 by July? Well, apparently it’s finally on its way – at least in the States, anyway – and the good news is that it’s looking like it’ll be the same price as the standard black iPhone 4.

News of the white iPhone 4 potential imminent release was broken by The App Whisperer – it found a Walmart sticker offering the 16GB white iPhone 4 for the same price as the black one on a two year contract.

So, looks like Apple is readying for a release in Q4 2010.

Nevertheless, we’ve been in touch with Apple’s press office and are awaiting information regarding the illusive white iPhone 4 and its UK release date.


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My wife's been waiting ages for the white version, whilst I'll be waiting for the iPhone 5. Hopefully they'll offer unlocked versions and we can use our own unlimited data plans with http://www.giffgaff-sims.co.uk... for £10 a month.

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