Suspected iPad Mini mould reveals final design

News Richard Goodwin 11:59, 5 Sep 2012

A new image, said to be of the iPad Mini’s die cast mould, has appeared online. Is this the final design of the Apple’s upcoming iPad Mini?

An image of what’s said to be the die cast mould for Apple’s iPad Mini has appeared online next to a white iPhone 4S. Now this isn’t the iPad Mini but if it is what’s being used to construct it then it’s very telling about what the device will look like.

There have been plenty of reports about Apple’s iPad Mini from a wide variety of sources, including Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. All seem to be in agreement about a couple of things: the iPad Mini will use a smaller 7-inch display and it will cost significantly less than current iPad Models.

This leak comes via website (, which managed to snap some pictures of the alleged iPad Mini at IFA 2012. Just what the iPad Mini’s die cast mould was doing at IFA 2012 remains to be seen – maybe it was taking a break? After all, with a release just around the corner it must have had a busy couple of months.

Many expect the iPad mini to feature a 7.85-inch display similar to the 1024x768 resolution IPS setup present on the iPad 2. But there’s always the chance that Apple will pop a Retina Display on the device in order to enter the 7-inch slate space with a bang.

‘It’d make sense for Apple to launch the iPad Mini with a Retina Display. Going against its usual way of doing things, especially in light of Steve Jobs’ comments about that particular size, is a bold move. And bold moves require big USPs,’ said Rob Bamforth, Quo Circa analyst and regular Know Your Mobile columnist.

Reports dating back a few months claimed that Apple would release the iPhone 5 – AKA: the new iPhone – and the iPad Mini back to back. That ship has now sailed, however, with the vast majority of sources pointing to two separate launches.

We happen to agree – it makes no sense for Apple to launch two products at one launch. Creating two bespoke launches will generate twice the buzz and ensure that neither product overshadows the other. 

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5 on September 12 and the iPad Mini at some point in Q4. Current speculation points to October with a release just in time for Christmas.

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