iPad Mini cases leak online

News Paul Briden 16:43, 24 Aug 2012

Cases for the iPad Mini are already in development and have leaked on the web

Chinese accessory manufacturers are at it again with pictures emerging of iPad Mini cases before the product has been officially announced.

Famously, several manufacturers produced iPhone 5 cases in 2011 before the iPhone 4S launched and when it was still uncertain which of the two rumoured smartphones we’d see.

Now gizchina.com has leaked shots of several case designs for the as-yet unconfirmed 7.85-inch iPad Mini.

As before, these iPad Mini covers appear to be based largely on circulating rumours.

They all have a few design features in common, however, such as the positioning of the rear-facing camera port in the top-right corner. One case is a complete wrap-around model and features a hole for a front-facing FaceTime camera in the top-middle of the front panel.

This model also shows a device inside the case with features in-line with the rumours, including an aluminium iPod-style shell and a smaller charging port as shown in leaks of the iPhone 5. It's likely this is a rendered mockup or a physical dummy model fabricated for the photos.

There is, of course, the possibility that these manufacturers have got hands-on with the iPad Mini for their designs but in our view that’s extremely unlikely.

The iPad Mini is rumoured to launch before the end of the year. While some sources suggest it will launch alongside the iPhone 5, forecast for September 12, others say it will have a separate launch at a later date.

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