Multiple sources claim ‘March 7’ as iPad 3 launch date

News Richard Goodwin 08:45, 14 Feb 2012

Multiple source have claimed that March 7 will be the date on which Apple unveils its new iPad 3 device

Multiple sources have claimed that March 7 will be the date that Apple officially unveils the iPad 3.

Apple will unveil the iPad 3 on March 7, according to iMore. Where iMore got its information from we do not know – its source remains nameless – but adding weight to its prediction is Loop Insight’s Jim Dalrymple who has also specified March 7 as the launch date.

A quad-core A6 processor and built in LTE-support as well as a 2048x1536 pixels Retina Display are all rumoured to feature aboard Apple’s third-generation tablet device.

There is, however, still some debate as to whether or not Apple’s new A6 processor will be quad-core or not with some reports claiming that it will be a dual core set-up based on ARM’s new Cortex A15 architecture.

We’ve also heard mumblings of a significantly improved GPU unit aboard the device, although whether it will be 20 times faster or not, as some reports have claimed, remains to be seen. Nonetheless we’re remaining quietly hopeful.

The iPad 3 is also said to be 1mm thicker than the iPad 2 on account of its new Retina Display, which requires a thicker IPS panel.

Both Loop Insight and iMore have solid track records when it comes to things like this, which means invites to the event could be appearing in the post any time soon.

Via: BGR

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