Amazon slashing Kindle Fire orders in preparation for iPad 3 release

News Richard Goodwin 16:50, 20 Jan 2012

Amazon is reportedly slashing orders for its Kindle Fire tablets ahead of the Apple iPad 3 release date later in Q1

Amazon is reportedly cutting orders of its Kindle Fire tablet device ahead of the iPad 3’s release date, which is expected to happen sometime in late Q1.

The news comes via Apple Insider, which reports that sources from inside Amazon’s supply chain ‘have indicated that Kindle Fire orders with original device manufacturers are expected to be just 3 million units this quarter.’

It added: ‘that's half the 6 million units Amazon reportedly shipped during the holiday quarter of 2011.’

Amazon has yet to confirm when it will be releasing the Android-powered Kindle Fire in the UK. We were told by a source that the device would be released on January 21, but that date is looking slightly dubious now.

Nonetheless, we still expect to see the Kindle Fire launch in the UK during Q1 of 2012.

The tablet, which is priced at $199, has been causing quite a stir Stateside since its launch back in Q4 of 2011. This is partly down to Amazon’s unique take on Google’s Android operating system, and partly because many analysts have stated that Amazon is the company on the planet that stands a chance of catching Apple.

The reason for this isn’t to do with spec or hardware, though. It’s to do with business models. Both Apple and Amazon are in the publishing and distributing business, and this is where many see the mobile market heading in the coming years. If this is indeed the case then Google could be left at something of a loose.

Having read all that it is worth noting that Amazon’s Kindle Fire is still top of the company’s best-selling electronics list, which is no mean feat when you consider just how vast an array of electronics Amazon sells via its website.

The reduction in orders could also be related the inevitable quiet period that follows Christmas. Either way, we don’t think Amazon is too worried. The Kindle Fire has been selling like hotcakes ever since it launched in the US.

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