iPad 2’s FaceTime app suffers ‘Freeze’ bug

News Richard Goodwin 17:51, 23 Mar 2011

iPad 2 users have reported ‘freezing’ issues with the device’s onboard FaceTime application

A handful of iPad 2 users have reported ‘freezing’ issues with Apple’s latest tablet device’s FaceTime application, which can only be remedied by a restart.

The news comes via Apple’s support forum, where a growing number of users have detailed the FaceTime freezing problem.

Apparently the images displayed by the forward-facing camera on the iPad 2 are causing the FaceTime application to crash.

Here’s a snippet of one users comment regarding the issue:

"When I opened up FaceTime the first time, the camera was working fine, but now whenever I open it up, it just shows a still image from when I left."

A simple restart seems to remedy this FaceTime-freeze bug, but it is still quite annoying for users all the same.

"Restarting the ipad fixes the problem, BUT, it happens again with in the next two to three times i go to use it," said another user.

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Apple has yet to comment on this bug, which we’re officially calling FaceTime Freeze, but it’s something that will most likely be ironed out with a software update.

And there was us thinking the iPad 2 was perfect…

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