How to use the Photos app on the iPad

User guides 09:54, 3 Apr 2010

We show you how to import photos and use the Photo application on your Apple iPad

Photos is the app on the iPad that lets you import and view all of your photos on your iPad.

You can also create slideshows.

We show you how to use Photos in this guide.

Importing photos onto the iPad
There are two ways you can import photos onto the iPad - either by using iTunes, or importing photos directly from your camera using the optional Camera Connection Kit.

Importing using iTunes
Transferring your photos across to the iPad with iTunes is exactly the same as using iTunes to transfer your photos across to the iPhone. Just follow these instructions:

  • Plug your iPad into your computer using the bundled USB cable and iTunes will detect it
  • Navigate to the Photos tab in iTunes and choose which photos you want copied across to your iPad
  • Select Sync and the photos will be transferred

Importing using the Camera Connection Kit
The camera connection kit allows you to copy photos from your camera onto your iPad, but also from your memory card onto the iPad.

  • Attach the connector to your iPad - there are 2 connectors, one for a USB cable for direct connection with the camera or one that lets you slot in an SD card
  • Whichever method you use, the photos will start copying across instantly

How to view photos in Photo

  • Tap Photos
  • Scroll through your photos by swiping across with your finger
  • Albums shows you all your photo albums in a stack
  • To see a taster of what's in an album, pinch a little bit on the stack. To view everything in the stack, pinch outwards or tap on it and all the photos will fill the screen. Now tap one to start viewing them
  • You can quickly scroll through all your photos by using the scroll bar at the bottom

Sending photos

  • When you have a photo open, you can tap on the Send button in the top right hand corner of the screen
  • Select Email Photo, enter your friend's email address and the photo will be emailed to your contact
  • If you have a MobileMe account set up on your iPad, you can also send photos to your MobileMe account by selecting the option

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