How to use the Mail app on the Apple iPad

User guides 13:23, 1 Apr 2010

We show you how to get the best out of the new, improved Mail app on the Apple iPad

As with the iPhone, the Mail application on the iPad is simple to use and supports a range of different services, including Gmail, Hotmail, POP3, IMAP or Microsoft Exchange.

You can see how to set up email in our step-by-step guide.

Here we show you how to use the Mail application on the iPad.

Viewing emails

  • Tap the Mail icon
  • In landscape mode, you'll see your Inbox on the left
  • Touch a message subject to see it on the right
  • Turn your iPad into portrait mode and the message will zoom to fill the entire screen.
  • When you're viewing your emails, you can easily view your Inbox by tapping on the icon in the top left hand corner. Your inbox will appear overlaid on the iPad's screen

Handling email attachments

  • As with the iPhone, pictures show up in the email body. You can save an attachment by tapping on it and selecting Save.
  • To copy the image for sending on, just select Copy.
  • Other documents including PDFs and Office documents also show up in the body of the email. Tap on them to open in full screen.

Composing an email

  • To compose a new email, you simply have to open up the Mail app and tap New Message in the top right of the screen
  • A popup box will appear on top of the Inbox
  • When you start typing in the To field, any contacts you have synched to your device will appear automatically. Select the one you want
  • When you type, spellings will be corrected and punctuation inserted by using all the same shortcuts as on the iPhone
  • When you've finished composing your email, you simply press Send. The same 'swoosh' sound effect is played as the message is sent

Deleting/moving emails

  • You'll need to delete or move emails in landscape mode, so turn the iPad to that orientation
  • You can just tap on the icon that appears in the right side of the Inbox list
  • Now, just tap the emails you want to delete and a Delete button will appear to the left of the message
  • You'll see all of your selected emails in a pile on the right side of the email app
  • To move the emails to a different folder, tap on the Move button at the bottom of the email list
  • To delete, select Delete at the bottom of the screen

Searching for a message

  • Once again, you'll need to be in landscape mode for this
  • In the Inbox list, you'll see the search box at the top
  • The search will be set by default to searching in the From field You can change this to To, Subject and All by selecting the appropriate tab
  • When you start typing, the iPad will start searching through your Inbox
  • If the email you're looking for hasn't downloaded yet to the iPad, you can tap on Continue searching on the server to search all the email on that account's server

Adding contacts to your address book from Mail

  • The iPad automatically recognises phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses
  • From an email, simply press and hold the one of these items. If it's a postal address, you can look it up in Google Maps. Otherwise you can create a new contact, Add to an existing contact or Copy it to the clipboard.

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