Record and share Voice Memos

Tips & tricks 16:50, 11 Sep 2009

Find out how to record and share voice memos using your Apple iPhone

A new Voice Memos app has been added to the Home screen with iPhone 3.0 - as the name indicates, it's a very simple way of recording, labelling and storing voice recordings made with the iPhone's built-in microphone (or the microphone built into the new iPhone earphones).

To make a voice memo launch the Voice Memos app and then click on the red record button on the bottom left of the screen. Click the button again to pause the recording.

The old-style VU meter will respond to your voice input but there's no need to shout to push the needle up - the microphone is pretty sensitive.

Once you have finished your voice memo, click on the icon on the bottom right of the screen.

The memo will be named automatically with the time and date of the recording - you can add a label to it by clicking on the More icon to the right of the memo's listing. You can assign it one of the default labels such as 'Idea' or 'Interview' - or alternatively enter a custom label by manually typing it.

You can also trim the memo - click on the memo you want to edit and then click the Trim Memo button. A yellow progress bar will appear with drag points at each end. Arrange them so only the part you want to keep is selected and click on Trim Voice Memo.

The Share button allows you to email or MMS the voice memo as an attachment.

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