Samsung destroys Apple in UK smartphone space over Christmas

News Richard Goodwin 10:40, 3 Jan 2013

Six out of 10 of the UK’s most popular handsets for 2012’s Xmas period were Samsung Galaxy devices, according to new stats from Uswitch

The UK, like the rest of the world, loves Samsung Galaxy model handsets, according to new research from

So much so, in fact, that Galaxy-brand handsets accounted for six out of 10 of the UK’s most popular handsets for 2012’s Christmas period. The Galaxy S3 topped the charts, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S2 in second and the Samsung Galaxy Ace in sixth place.

Apple, at least according to these figures, looks to be losing some of its brand appeal with UK punters, with its new iPhone 5 handset failing to break into the top five, finishing behind many of its rivals.

The first non-Samsung handset to place inside uSwitch findings was LG’s Nexus 4, which finished at number four. Apple’s iPhone 4S took the fifth spot and the iPhone 5 closed in sixth.

‘What can be certain is that current favorites Samsung and Apple had better watch out - competition is certainly going to be heating up in the New Year,’ said Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at

uSwitch's findings are based on deal popularity and sales made via its website. But without any real figures or stats it’s difficult to establish just how significant uSwitch's findings actually are.

It’s still a good result for Samsung, whichever way you look at it.

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