Google Play revenue up 300 per cent but Apple’s still king

News Richard Goodwin 15:20, 30 Nov 2012

Despite some huge revenue gains for Google’s Play store throughout 2012, Apple’s App Store is still the king of the jungle

Revenues for Google’s Play store were up by 311 per cent in 2012, follows two solid years of work by the search giant to bring its digital app depository up to scratch. And yet despite this massive growth, Apple’s App Store still makes more money. 

New statistics from App Annie Intelligence show that Apple’s App Store grew just 12.9 per cent throughout 2012 – a paltry figure compared to the growth experienced by the Play store. 

And yet despite this Google’s Play store makes less money – four times less money, to be specific – than Apple’s App Store, something no doubt to do with the number of free applications available on Google’s service and the ease with which content can be pirated. 

App Annie says that its service is extremely accurate, according to SlashGear, with over 80 per cent of the globe’s most popular content producers and publishers using it – although all data presented by the company is an estimate. 

Demand for Android applications grew 48 year-on-year, according to the data, while Apple’s iOS platform only managed 3.3 per cent growth. 

Apple might currently monetise its App Store content better than Google does at present, but with growth figures like that it’s only a matter of time before Play totally eclipses the App Store once and for all. 

Our prediction? 2014.  

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