Microsoft will destroy Apple and Google in smartphone & tablet space

News Richard Goodwin 09:05, 30 Nov 2012

Sizemore Capital predicts that Microsoft will eventually beat both Apple and Google to become top dog in the mobile and tablet space…


Sizemore Capital reckons Microsoft’s Windows platform will one day beat Apple and Google’s Android platform in the mobile and tablet space. 

Google’s Android platform currently accounts for around 75 per cent of all smartphone shipments with iOS taking just under 25 per cent. A point that makes Sizemore's claim sound outright ridiculous. 

And yet despite this, ‘Microsoft will ultimately muscle-out Apple as the leader in smartphones and tablets,’ according to Sizemore Capital’s Charles Sizemore. The logic behind this end-result is simple, apparently: Apple has no long-term strategy to keep its users loyal. 

‘Where Android is concerned, Sizemore says he doesn’t take Google seriously as a long-term competitor because the company’s solutions are “shoddy” attempts at matching superior offerings from Apple and Microsoft,’ reports BGR. 

We give everyman his due and believe all are entitled to their own opinion here at KYM, but Sizemore’s claims are questionable at best. Apple’s App Store, perhaps the most robust solution of its kind, offers iPhone/iPad users a million and one reasons to stay loyal to the platform, as does the company’s excellent hardware. 

This reasoning can also be applied to Google’s Android platform as well. The Play market now houses over 600,000+ applications and games and is developing all the time. By comparison Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is years behind – both in terms of content and functionality. 

Sizemore’s biggest issue with Google Play seems to be that it cannot cache music on an SD card as opposed to a device’s internal storage without the user hacking his or her phone, points out BGR’s report. 

‘You simply don’t have these sorts of problems with Apple or Microsoft. Why? Because they are real companies with real business models. With a few exceptions, they actually charge for their products and offer some degree of support,’ added Sizemore. 

And yet despite all this Sizemore doesn't see Google's share price falling too drastically very soon. He also fails to point out how and why Microsoft's way of doing things is any better than Apple and Google's. 


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