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Know Your Mobile chats to Hollywood and TV star Warwick Davis about his favourites gadgets and how he uses them to get stuff done

Warwick Davis, star of the silver screen and TV shows like An Idiot Abroad and Life’s too Short, talks to Know Your Mobile about his favourite gadgets, what he uses them for, and why they’re now an essential part of his working and private life. 

Know Your Mobile : What phone do you use? 

Warwick Davis: iPhone 4S

Why do you like this device?

It works in a very intuitive way. It allows me to do all the things I need to do, wherever I am in the world. It also looks and feels nice.

How long have you had it and what did you use before?

Since the day it was released. Prior to that, the iPhone 4. In fact, I've had all the iPhone models since the original. 

How does it aid your working life?

In so many ways. The obvious being calls, messaging, emails etc, but I use it in so many other ways, too - I record scenes into the voice recorder so i can rehearse on my own. It's my navigation.

I do a lot of presentations via Keynote and the iPhone is a great way to control the presentation and give me a preview of what's up next. I run a production company too and own a GoPro HD camera. It's tiny, and you can mount it almost anywhere. I can preview the shot and control the camera from the iPhone - perfect.

What are your favourite applications – both for work and leisure?

For Work:

  • Data Usage - In these times of data capping by mobile phone providers, this is a great app for keeping an eye on my data usage. It's often surprising just how much data you can chew through in a few hours. It measures mobile and Wi-Fi usage and automatically resets at the end of your billing cycle.
  • Snapseed - This App was available as one of Apple's free '12 Days of Christmas' gifts, so I thought, why not, I'll 'ave a bit of that! And I'm glad I did – its a fantastic photo post-production App. My iPhone camera takes very good photos, but pass one of those photos through Snapseed, and you can turn out a picture worthy of The Sunday Times. Simple to use, with great results. 

Work and leisure

  • WeatherPro - I have always been a bit of a weather geek, so WeatherPro is great for keeping up to date with exactly what’s currently happening with the weather, but it's forecasts are very accurate too. I particularly like the Doppler radar screen, which allows you to track storms live. As a Premium Account holder, I get access to a whole host of extra features too. 
  • BBC iPlayer - This is a perfect App. It allows me to catch up on BBC shows wherever I am. It has a great interface and works well over Airplay mirroring to my TV.
  • TomTom - As far as I'm concerned, this is the best and only App for navigation. The display and instructions are clear and it's never sent me down a dead-end. I also find it handy for keeping an eye on mini-cab drivers trying to 'go the long way' to run up the meter!


  • PizzaExpress - This is the future! I can look at the menu in the App. Eat my dough balls (not using the App), then pay my bill using the App. Just enter the code printed on the bill, and checkout with PayPal. Tasty!
  • PocketWarwick - What can I say about this little App. It was created by me and stars me, and I love it. Not just because it's all about me, but because it's really fun, quite addictive and free! I created the kind of game I'd like to play - one you can pick up for a couple of minutes while waiting for a train or spend a few hours playing on a more involved level. Make room in your device because PocketWarwick wants to move in! Think of it as a little bit of Hollywood in your pocket!

Do you own a tablet? 


What are your thoughts on it – does it do everything you’d like it to? 

iPad 2. At first, I couldn't justify getting an iPad, but then I gave in and now I can't go anywhere without it. I use it when I travel light, instead of taking my MacBook Pro. It's great for watching movies and I learn all my scripts on it. For 'Life's Too Short' it was invaluable. 

I used iAnnotate to mark up my scripts with notes and highlight my lines, then, wherever i was, I always had the complete set of scripts with me to learn. Imagine having to carry seven episodes around in paper form.

What’s your next phone going to be and why? 

Not sure. It will be an iPhone, but not sure if I'm going to go for the 5 or wait until the next one. 

Thank you, Warwick Davis!

Download Pocket Warwick here – it's free!

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