Apple looking to drag Android 4.1 Jelly Bean into Samsung legal dispute

News Paul Briden 09:59, 7 Nov 2012

Android Jelly Bean is Apple's latest target for intellectual property infringement on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Apple’s second US patent lawsuit against Samsung is bigger than the last one, with eight more devices chalked up on the list including the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2, as well as a chunk of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range. However, now the iPhone maker is looking to add Google’s Jelly Bean 4.1 Android build to that list, specifically as it is packaged on the Galaxy Nexus.

The news comes courtesy of a hearing in which Apple explained its case against Samsung and why Jelly Bean should be added to the lawsuit, the same hearing also allowed Samsung to put forward its counter-suit allegations against the iPhone 5.

Apple is specifically interested in the changes made by Jelly Bean to the Galaxy Nexus between July and September this year. The case was originally bought against the Galaxy Nexus in February when Apple claimed it infringed on the company’s software patents, the Cupertino phone-giant obtained a temporary injunction but Samsung filed a successful appeal.

Samsung has responded to the most recent claims but countering that Apple has waited too long to add Jelly Bean to the case, while Apple says it waited until every Galaxy Nexus variant had Jelly Bean to ensure infringements were consistent across the range.

The Korean manufacturer also alleged Apple was adding Jelly Bean to the case in an attempt to open the floodgates to any Samsung device running the build, though Apple asserts that this isn’t true as it’s only interested in Samsung-made Nexus devices running stock software rather than other Jelly Bean devices with TouchWiz on top.

However, it’s interesting that Apple is specifically going after a stock version of Jelly Bean on a Nexus phone, as being a suit relating directly to the software that would place the problem squarely on Google’s doorstep.

It'll also be interesting to see how the update to Android version 4.2 might affect Apple's claim.

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